Minister for ICT Hon. Timothy Masiu, MP, today is pleased to announce the appointment of Steven Matainaho as the Secretary for the Department of Information and Communication Technology for a term of four (4) years effective on 7th December 2020. Minister Masiu also says that the permanent appointment of the Head of Department now stabilises the management of the Department to focus on driving e-Government and Digital Transformation agenda of the government, as Marape Government looks forward to welcome the fiscal year 2021 amidst challenges faced. “Mr. Matainaho since assuming office in his acting capacity in November 2019, has demonstrated exemplary leadership with clear foresight on Government Digital Transformation agenda of the Government by leading the Department of Information and Communication Technology to develop the NEC approved Digital Transformation Policy 2020, secured approval of the NEC for the restructure of the Department and launched the Department Corporate Plan 2020-2024. It was all indeed within a space of 12 months, a testament of prudent organisational leadership and management by Mr. Matainaho under my ministerial stewardship, I am proud to announce”. “As we look forward to enjoy the festive season and welcome 2021, the appointment of the Head of Department stabilises the management of the Department to now focus on the delivery of the proposed Government Digital Transformation Act 2021, Government ICT Audit and Digital Transformation Road Map for efficient and effective service delivery, of course riding on the wave of the “New-Norm” post Covid-19 pandemic”.“I am proud to have observed and understood Mr. Matainaho to be a vibrant young leader, who has experienced both as a private entrepreneur and has held senior executive position within the public sector, last occupying the position of Deputy Secretary – Operations with the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (DHERST). “Mr. Matainaho is not new in the ICT space as he made a name for himself nationally in the late 90s (in his teenage years) as one of the first freelance website developers and programmers.”.“Mr. Matainaho holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Instrumentation from the PNG University of Technology and a Masters Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of Wuhan, China. In addition, he has undergone various leadership mentoring program within the public service. I am happy to promote, appoint and support young vibrant and capable leaders of PNG in the likes of Mr. Matainaho to take up leadership roles within the public service”.Minister Masiu thank the Marape Government for appointment of the Head of Department of his Ministry of ICT and commit to delivery digital transformation agenda of the Government in 2021.

Approved for Release HON. TIMOTHY MASIU, MP Minister for Information & Communications Technology And Member for South Bougainville