Secretary Kombra calls on employers to seek MSU assistance to verify school certificates

Secretary  of the Department of  Education Dr Uke Kombra has  expressed his gratitude to the Digicel PNG Foundation for continuing to support education sector in Papua New Guinea.

The Foundation conducted a soft launch of the planned 24 hour education channel called Be Lit on Monday, 13  September  2021.

“I would like to inform parents and students to make use of this channel because it is free of charge and it complements the lessons that the children are learning in the classrooms”, Dr Kombra stated during the launch.

He said apart from other programs under the EQUITV and MyHomeStudy Applications, teachers and students can also access this channel as an extra resource for teaching and learning.

“The National Government welcomes collaborations like this, and I am   pleased that this channel will pave  the way for the provision of this  free-to-air Channel for education content only, which is a first for the country to benefit from”, he said.

Secretary Dr Kombra added, “this is an exciting news for the country as far as the education sector is concerned  because of the rising Covid-19 cases and deaths, and it will ensure that our students do not miss out completely on any lessons when classes are suspended or when disasters strike.”

The soft launch will see the channel come on air with 3 hours of education programs for children and informal schools as well as FODE in term four this year.

 The launching of the 24 hour channel will be done at the beginning of 2022 academic year.

Dr Kombra added that the 24 hour education channel is free of charge and  is  based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that was signed between the Foundation and the Department of Education in May this year.

Under the MOU, Digicel Foundation will partner with the Department to provide this platform that will increase quality educational outcomes for students in all grades through teacher training, improving classroom infrastructures and the roll out of the television learning.