Secretary Kombra calls on employers to seek MSU assistance to verify school certificates

Secretary  of  the Department of Education,  Dr Uke Kombra has called on employers around the country to consult with his  Measurement Service Division (MSU),  to verify employees or applicant’s’  school certificates before employing them.

 He made the call following an increased   number of  forged school certificates  being used to apply for employment, education or training.

“A huge number of teachers have been caught earlier this year and terminated by the Department after they have found to have forged their certificates and identities when enrolling in teachers colleges around the country .

“It was  also in the case of the recent termination of recruits by the Papua New Guinea Defense Force at the Goldie River Training Depot because some of  them  have forged certificates to attend the recruit training.”

Dr Kombra said the Department encouraged an education system that is based on fairness, hard work, commitment and natural talent to get an actual footing for everyone and these are principles that the Department promotes and pursues.

“We believe that these practices are also happening in other organizations that are recruiting students for employment, training or further education and we are willing to offer the Department’s services in order to help stop the practice of corruption”, he said.

He added the Department’s  Measurement Service Unit can be contacted by employers to verify school certificates.

“Certificates that are issued to students from the years 2018 up have special security features that cannot be copied and whilst every caution was taken to make the certificates as secured as possible, there is no guarantee that certificates cannot be forged using the latest technology available in the country.

“I call on employers to feel free to contact the Measurement Service Division to verify grades 10 and 12 school certificates for applicants applying  to  their organizations”, Dr Kombra said.

Organizations are asked to provide a pre-paid postal envelope or forwarding address such as an email address to ensure that the details of verifications can be sent back promptly.
Employers, institutions, and organizations can contact the Measurement Services Division on; Telephone; 3288876 or emails or