Media Release – 18th November 2020

Minister for ICT Hon. Timothy Masiu, MP, today informed the nation that the draft Public Service Digital Transformation Bill his Department has been working on will be made available for public consultation.

Minister Masiu said that enactment is targeted for early 2021.
“I am delighted that after negligence and failure of successive governments to utilise ICT to transform public service delivery, the Marape Government, not only recognises, but also is enabling a policy and legislative framework of ICT that will lead to a reduction of public expenditure and deliver public services in a more effective and efficient manner, and put citizens’ interests first”.

“The draft Bill proposes additional powers to my Department of Information and Communications Technology to facilitate the digital transformation of the public sector”. “The Bill flows from the successful delivery of the PNG Digital Transformation Policy 2020 by the Marape Government and will further provide for:

1) Electronic Data Management and Governance, which are key to the creation of Data Integration Standards, Open Data and Data Classification; and

2) Government Digital Infrastructure that will include a Government Private Network and Government Cloud; and

3) Digital Services that will include a one stop shop e-Government Portal providing access to all open government data and services and will do so through a secured information exchange platform for data security”.

“I am delighted to announce that with this legislation, the use of unofficial email domain like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo will no longer be legal for official government correspondence when this Bill is enacted. Moreover, all government websites and government social media pages disseminating official government information will be required to comply with government standards to maintain integrity of government information”.

“Like all legislation, compliance and enforcement of the law has always been a challenge. The draft Public Service Digital Transformation Bill will provide for civil and criminal penalties to enable compliance to ensure delivery of digital services”.

“After consultations, we expect to finalise and obtain appropriate legal approvals for tabling to Parliament”

Minister Masiu praised the Marape Government for its insight and decisiveness in laying the policy and legislative framework for public service digital transformation in Papua New Guinea.

Approved for Release

Minister for Information & Communications Technology
And Member for South Bougainville