Prime Minister highlights climate change issues discussed at UN General Assembly during NBC’s Government Talk Back program

Papua New Guinea has called on all  industrialised countries to be sensitive to planet earth’s call for climate change response.

Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape  in  his weekly NBC’s government talk back program on Monday evening (4 October),  highlighted this message which he delivered   at  the 76th  United Nations General Assembly in New York on 26 September, adding,   .there must be  a  global commitment to ensuring that  all  nations on planet earth, maintain  their  carbon  emissions, at the rate that is not contributing towards  temperature rise above 1.5 degrees Celsius .

 “That commitment was already given by all nations. PNG signed up  through our  National Determination  as far as carbon contribution is concerned, last year. All nations should commit to it, but most  are lagging behind.””

Papua New Guinea’s   carbon emissions  is only 10 million tons of carbon dioxide   that is  emitted  from  factories, industries and   the every day usage of  vehicles.

 “That’s minimum,” says Prime Minister.

He added, one of  Papua New Guinea’s greatest assets, is its tropical rainforest which   is the third biggest in the world.

“Our tropical rainforest produces oxygen that sustains planet earth.     

“ My conversation at the United Nations, was to  inform the world that we have forests that needs  to be preserved for the  world to be sustained as far as the world’s  natural eco system and its natural state are concerned.”

 Mr Marape is determined  to mobilizing  industrialised nations and their industries to pay  for the carbon sink and carbon cleansing in  the country’s trees.

“ Industrialized nations  have emitted carbon pollution  in the atmosphere.  It’s the reason why climate change is happening. There have been sea level rise and temperature on  planet earth is rising.”

“We have forests that needs investors  to help conserve.. Our forests contributes to the economy in harvests that is taking place,  however, harvests  must be at a sustainable level   and needs to  be preserved for the world to benefit from .

“The world can benefit from the oxygen the forests produces, and secondly because my forests also is a carbon sink  where  it  replenishes the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by ensuring that it’s  cleaning it.”

Prime Minister Marape’s  conversation at the United Nations was that, PNG’s   forests  consists of  hundred million tons  of carbon a year, and  also  produces resources.

“ However, you  need to pay for  me  to preserve my trees.”

“I can cut my trees for the economic need  of  my country , because  those who live in forestry areas would  need schools, roads, and hospitals, but  if you pay for me to conserve them in its natural state, then that money for conservation can go towards building roads, schools , hospitals for those who live in the forest area in the country,” Prime Minister Marape said.

Mr Marape  added, “apart from our forests producing oxygen,    we have  six percent of the world’s bio-diversity. Inside our bio diversity, you have formulas for medicines,  product for medicine, product  for food, among others.”

Meanwhile, the United States  President, Joe Biden has committed about  US100 billion  towards a global climate fund  to finance climate change mitigation  efforts.

The United Kingdom, Japan  and China have also pledged to contribute towards the global fund.

Mr Marape said the global fund  facility would be accessed by nations who need assistance  for  victims   of  sea level rise, land and soil erosions, arable land being degraded or exposed to sea level rise, weather pattern change, weather pattern induced destruction as well as  forests conservation , tree planting, safer energy generation and to purchase  carbon credits.

“I want  to pitch  PNG in  the right context  to access this fund for climate change mitigations, during the COP26 meeting.”

In the meantime, all nations of the Pacific have supported Papua New Guinea’s efforts in its discussion  at the UN on  climate change  and sea level rise in the region and commended Prime Minister for his leadership.

“We   contribute  less yet  we are the first victims.  In our country, the Carteret’s, in the Special Region of Bougainville,  experienced the first climate change refugees.”

“My point was simply this:  someone needs to pay. Our forests produce oxygen you breath. Our carbon foot print is less, our forests  carbon sink  is enormous.”

The United Kingdom will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties in Glasgow, Scotland, from 31 October to 12 November 2021.

Papua New Guinea is  fortunate to have a mix of  energy generation, particularly in hydro, geothermal,  solar  and  wind-based power generation .

“We  do not only have money from oil and gas and cutting trees, but we need conservation to sustain  resources in our country.”

Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Hon. Timothy Masiu, was also present during  Prime Minister Marape’s government talk back program on Monday evening.