PNG’s Social Media Statistics

It is quite common to hear that to many people in Papua New Guinea, Facebook is the Internet.
This makes sense as accessibility to the Internet, driven by the roll out of Digicel’s mobile network started in
2007, around the same time as social networks really started to gain traction globally. People in Papua New
Guinea use Social Networks to keep in touch with family and friends, share signifi cant moments, organise
events, discuss issues relevant to their community, report suspicious or concerning activities and finding the
help or resources they need.

Businesses should have mobile and social as key elements of their digital strategy for activities like promotion,
marketing, recruiting and customer service. Business should also be looking at how to use social technologies
to better coordinate and communicate internally. For example, Workplace by Facebook is social networking
technology focused on improving workplace collaboration and productivity. The good news is that you don’t
need to do a lot of training as many employees are already familiar with the technology, it is just that they will
be using it in a work context. There are many similar technologies such as Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Slack,
WhatsApp or Telegram. For more complex project work, social project management software such as Asana or
Basecamp are effective.