PNG Digital Transformation Policy 2020

The Government of Papua New Guinea (GoPNG) is using digital transformation to change public administration processes, culture, and citizen experiences using information and communications technology (ICT) advancement as an enabler.

The digital transformation process envisions agencies and departments delivering a range of initiatives to improve inter-agency collaboration, that in turn should translate to improvement in public sector service delivery, through the use of innovative and more advanced ICTs. Digital transformation promotes “digital experience” and will result in, among other things: standard operating environments to guide procurement of computing equipment; trusted digital authentication and authorization services; whole-of-government platforms; electronic grants administration; and a streamlined online business registration service.

This Policy sets out the benefits of digital government for civil society, the GoPNG, and the private sector, and draws attention to linkages to other international and national superordinate policies. It provides a definition of digital government and explains some of the different models that can be adopted by GoPNG, but advocates for a Whole-of-Government approach and shared services for particular common functions so as to avoid duplication of and wasting of limited resources.

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