PNG and UK partner in Cyber Security Program

Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Hon. Timothy Masiu  launching   the Safer Internet Day

The Get Safe Online PNG Initiative (GSO) was launched by the Minister for Information and Communication Technology,  Hon. Timothy Masiu during the Safer Internet Day celebrations on Tuesday 9 February in Port Moresby.

The GSO is a non-profit entity and will be a very important and critical component of the UK Government’s Commonwealth Cyber Security Program that PNG and other Commonwealth nations have an established partnership with.

Minister Masiu stated that the National Information Communication Technology Authority (NICTA) and the Get Safe Online are already collaborating to establish initiatives to promote online safety and awareness on the effects and impacts of the use of the Internet.

Mr Masiu   encouraged the PNG GSO initiative to introduce high level awareness, aimed at promoting what to trust online, particularly by the  younger generation and other unsuspecting consumers.

“We have to support and encourage our younger people and the general public to question, challenge and change the online world for the better. We have to explore how we can influence, persuade and manage the impact on young peoples’ decisions, opinions and what they share online”.

Minister Masiu  added that PNG has   to find ways to be able to also help  manage the emotional impacts and traumas of navigating an unforgiving and almost unchecked online world.

“We want to give our young people the skills to support one another and strategies to identify  and speak out against harmful and misleading online content.

“We need to help them recognize and stay away from online bullying, identify theft, fake news, conspiracy theories, pedophilia and other harmful and inaccurate content.”

The GSO Website in Tok Pisin will be launched in the forthcoming PNG ICT Summit in Port Moresby, scheduled  to be held in March 2021.