PM James Marape Launched Kalang FM 100 Talkback Show 2021

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape officially launched KALANG FM100 Talkback Show 2021 program today.

The Program aims to disseminate right government information to the people at rural settings for greater mobilization, awareness and participation in all aspects of government service delivery.

“This medium is a flatform for live engagement with our people in any national issues that concerns our people,” says PM James Marape.

According to the Prime Minister he believes in freedom of speech to ensure people know what their government is doing and their effective participation and awareness.

“Since my 18 months in office this government has achieved a lot through policy implementation such as commercial agriculture empowering our people directly, in Educational space ‘No child left behind’ reforms in Law and Justice sector with implementation of ICAC,” said PM James Marape.

Major sponsors to the Kalang FM100 Bank of South Pacific (BSP), Telikom PNG and NASFUND Contributors Saving and Loan Society (NSCL) continue to support the program.

NASFUND Contributors Saving and Loan Society (NSCL) vision to become the best e-bank in Papua New Guinea with largest membership spread throughout the country since 2013 ensure to provide services through its members using this platform.

“We advertising our products, good services and returns to our member by giving them opportunity to involve in plans and ensure to provide services to our member,” CEO of NASFUND Mr. Vari Lahui said.

The Sponsors believe in educating and informing its members through the use of this medium with effective participation from the audience through live broadcasting people’s opinions can enable the services providers to plan effectively and provide good services.

Newly appointed Acting CEO of Kalang Ms. Yoland Bafmatuk who recently took office says she is intended to bring impact changes to the radio station and just within three months in office Hela Province and Wewak is on operational coverage.

“Prime Minister is directly interacting with our people throughout the nation,” says Ms. Yoland.

Kalang Advertising Limited is a subsidiary of Telikom PNG, the only telecommunication company in PNG.

Being a subsidiary of Telikom PNG Ltd, it has its widest coverage and reach in the country, reaching up to 95% of the urban and rural area.

The station commanded a potential daily listenership of over 5 million in PNG and has been in operation since 1982 from then Radio 2FM to Kalang FM in 1987 and in early 1999 the station was revamped with a new format and programming philosophy to Hits & Memories FM 100.