Nine acting Judges sworn in today

Acting Judges sworn in today at the Government House in Port Moresby. (Pic: DICT Information)

A total  of nine acting Judges for the Supreme and National Court of Justice sworn in today     at the Government House, following their appointments by the Judicial and Legal Services Commission.

Chief Justice of Papua New Guinea , Sir Gibbs Salika,  said the total number of acting Judges appointed is the highest for the Judicial arm of the Government.

“The acting appointment of these Judges is the highest so far and all of them are being appointed on merit,” said Sir Gibbs.

He  said  that the acting appointment has seen six experienced female lawyers also being sworn in as acting Judges for both Supreme and National court of Justice, adding, the  acting Judges appointed have vast experiences in the field of Law.

“They have experiences in the field of criminal practices, commercial practices and civil practices and four of the six females appointed are senior lawyers before being appointed as acting judges.

“Substantive appointment will depend on their performances in the next twelve months and if they can satisfy the Judicial and Legal Service Commission that they are able to deliver judicial services to our people in a timely manner and according to law, then nothing will stop them from becoming substantive judges.”

There are currently   42 Judges in the country and the number of judges is  expected to increase  to  48.

“There will be some retirements in the near future and we need to replace the aging judicial officers and so we can appoint as many acting Judges as we like as long as the State can be able to sustain them in terms of funding”, he said.

Sir Gibbs explains, “health check on the nine acting Judges was done before officially being appointed to ensure they are fit and healthy to perform their judicial duty in the long run.”