ICT Roadmap 2008

The Department and stakeholders within GoPNG have highlighted the need for enhanced oversight of the ICT sector, and for a structured plan to guide policy development. This ICT sector roadmap has been developed to provide the Department with the basis for formulating an overarching ICT sector policy to guide the development of the sector.

The ICT Roadmap 2018 has been developed through consultation ICT sector stakeholders including telecommunications operators and government departments, and is in line with international best practice. It builds on the policy objectives of the GoPNG, as outlined in:

* The National ICT Policy Phase 1 (2008) and Phase 2 (2009)
* The National ICT Act 2009
* The National Broadband Policy (2013)

The ICT roadmap details key activities to be targeted in the short, medium and long term, so that the Department can develop the relevant policy accordingly. It should be noted that the ICT Roadmap 2018 is not an exhaustive list of activities, nor is it designed to be future proof in the face of a rapidly evolving ICT market. The ICT Roadmap 2018 should be considered as a live document and will be regularly reviewed to monitor progress and updated to ensure that activities remain relevant and up to date.

To support the development of a clear and comprehensive ICT roadmap, activities have been classified within a digital framework. This framework comprises six focus areas, which have been identified as key elements in supporting the DCI’s mission.

1. Digital Infrastructure: Availability of telecoms networks, data centers, IXPs, payment systems.

2. Digital Government: eGovernment to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of government services.

3. Digital Services: Availability and affordability of digital services, and development of local online content.

4. Digital Skills: ICT literacy to promote take-up of digital services, and support ICT employment.

5: Digital Business Environment: Support for innovation and R&D, start-ups, and access to finance.

6: Digital Safety: Support for innovation and R&D, start-ups, and access to finance.

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