Minister Masiu launches Safer Internet Day

“The safer use of the Internet must be put into our everyday language”.

This was stated by the Minister for Information and  Communication Technology Honorable Timothy Masiu during the launching of the Safer Internet Day today.   

He elaborated that in the PNG context, this takes time on an even higher significance as the safer use of the internet involves   children and or younger generation.

“The Internet has changed the way we do things in PNG. It has become such a powerful enabler, a single most dominant influence in the daily lives of all societies in the modern world”.

Minister Masiu  says , this comes with constant threat and erosion of PNG’s  traditions and cultural norms that have been passed on from generation to generation.

“The Internet has completely revolutionized how the global community conducts itself. We have now almost come to accept that nothing can be said or done today without the use or involvement of the Internet.

“Our daily lives are almost entirely immersed in online applications like e-banking, e-education, zoom meetings and just about everything personal and business.

“Despite being insecure and threatened by the Internet, we must embrace the many applications and services that can and do bring change to our everyday lives”, he added.

He reminded everyone that when the country  celebrates the Safer Internet Day 2021, citizens must not only celebrate the amazing range of information and opportunities that inform, connect and inspire everyone,, but  also look out for online predators and other threats that are always lurking online.

“As a responsible Government, we must educate our younger generation to separate online fact from fiction”, said the Minister.

Chief Executive Officer of the National Information and Communication Technology Authority (NICTA) Mr Kila Gulo-Vui also agreed that the Internet is an integral part of everybody’s daily lives and has created unprecedent opportunities to connect, share, learn and express ourselves.

He said the rapid pace at which technology is evolving has brought about changes to the lives of children and young people and they come with challenges and concerns which we, as the  community have to address.

The British High Commissioner to PNG His Excellency Keith Scott, Secretary of the Department of ICT Mr Steven Matainaho, Managing Director of NBC Mr Kora Nou, including  members of the Safer Internet Committee  were present to  witness this significant event.