Marape unveils Somare Peace and Unity Park in Waigani

“Somare is PNG and PNG is Somare. They are synonymous”. This was stated by the Prime Minister Hon. James Marape during the unveiling of the Somare Peace and Unity Park on Thursday  15 April 2021. The Park is located along the Boulevard Road leading towards the National Parliament at Waigani in Port Moresby.

“Great Grand Chief the late Sir Michael Thomas Somare is a great and powerful story and we must remember forever as his story is a story of uniting Papua New Guinea together,” said the Governor   NCD Hon. Powes Parkop.

“In our national society and in our history and in our memory, he made this home for over 50 years and we are honored to put up this monument so that all generations can find inspiration and guidance of this great and powerful story of this great man the Great Grand Chief”. Governor Parkop said the park will be a place for family, students and visitors to come and learn about his life.

“ It will be a tourism spot as the greatest feature of this park is in his name that brought this country to just ONE united PNG from a thousand nations and thousand cultures.

Present to witness the unveiling of the creation of the Somare Peace and Unity Park were the late Great Grand Chief’s children  Arthur Somare and  Dulcianna Somare Brash amongst the Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, Minister for Lands Hon. John Rosso, Member for Moresby North East Hon. John Kaupa, Governor for NCD Hon. Powes Parkop and his executives from the City Council and Sir Dadi Toka Senior a close friend to the late Great Grand Chief. “We have just come out from the mourning of our late father the late Great Grand Chief but are still mourning and it will take some time.

“However, on behalf of my mother and all my siblings and my family, we would like to thank the Prime Minister Hon. James Marape and the Government of the day for spearheading a series of events in honor of the passing of our father the late Great Grand Chief.”

Dulcianna expresses the family gratitude with deep sorrow of the loss of their beloved father and the love for the people and the leaders to witness the unveiling of the Park in memory of their beloved father the late Great Grand Chief.

“As we also commemorate Sir Michaels’ vision for our future prosperity, I’d like us to join hands in honoring the efforts of all our forefathers and mothers who exercised the care, humility and sacrifice so that we can enjoy the freedom and fruits of their labor”.

She said such a commemorative park is very important thing to bring people together again with the spirit of unity that was clearly defined in our forefathers in such a complex and diverse country.

Dulcianna said the family appreciated the effort by the Marape-Basil Government leading a series of events during the passing of the late Great Grand Chief that has allow everyone to join hands once again in national unity and be reminded of all that is left for us and also everything our forefathers have left for us to do.

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape was pleased with the leadership of Governor Parkop in making it possible for the unveiling of the Somare Peace and Unity Park.

“ As we unveil this park, this is part of bodies of activities that will ensure Somare lives on in the psychic and mindset and the public policy space and our national character even in his passing he lives on going on into the future”.

PM Marape added, “ the Government will be working with the family to resuscitate and rebrand the Somare Foundation so we can give meaning and Somare can still speak into the government of today and the government of the future, public service of today and public service of the future, business of today and business of the future or citizens of today and citizens of the future what Papua New Guinean must be- let’s not  forget how we came.

“We must be guided by the past to ensure the future we construct contains the humble