Marape: Government will follow legitimate processes to defend itself

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape says the Government will follow all legitimate processes to defend itself and the systems of governance, as    Parliament reconvenes on Monday 14  December.

The decision to reconvene on Monday ,14 December was ordered by  five  judges of the Supreme Court on 9 December , which declared  that   the November 17 sitting of Parliament was unconstitutional and the  tabling and passing  of the 2021 national Budget was invalid.   

And he called on the  Opposition  to also follow all legal processes if they want to move a no-confidence vote against him as Prime Minister.

“The Opposition’s ‘Crown Camp’ must follow the legal no-confidence process. “Our country is a democratic  country where the rule of democratic law prevails, hence my Government will follow all legitimate processes to defend and run our systems of governance. ” We look forward to tomorrow’s Parliament.”Mr Marape says his Government has the mandate, with the last vote on Prime Ministership being on May 30, 2019.

 “James Marape became Prime Minister through a vote in Parliament, and it will take that same vote process to remove me,” he added. “If my friends in Crown want to take over Government, then they must deploy the vote-of-  no-confidence process as prescribed by law.

“That must start with them naming their alternate prime minister, with a minimum  of 11 MPs signing on to the correct form The Private Members’ Committee must then sit on a Wednesday.  After this, on a Thursday, the motion will be placed on Government Notice for one week as prescribed by Standing Orders and law.

“The  process is there for my friends in Crown to progress their political ambitions to become Prime Minister,” he said. Meantime, Mr  Marape appealed  to every citizen for peace and calm during this time.

“I again ask our people to remain calm and peace must prevail.  This politics must not divide region, religion, place or society. This political storm will pass over. Currently there are 109 Members of Parliament : minus the Bougainville Regional Seat  which is being contested in the by-election, while  Member  for  Moresby North West, is still overseas. Mr Marape  called on everyone to , “support your country, and not politicians, as we go through this political turbulence.”