We are planning something big.


We recognise that a strong, more developed ICT industry makes a country more globally competitive, as demonstrated by the correlation between the Networked Readiness Index (a measure of a country’s preparedness to leverage ICTs) and the Global Competitiveness Index (a measure of a country’s overall capacity to boost competitiveness).


The holistic use of ICT will contribute to economic and social development by transforming Papua New Guinea into a competitive, innovative, knowledge-based society by:

Increasing the quality of government service delivery;

  • Allowing for better use of government infrastructure and resources;

  • Improving governance;

  • Improving service delivery;

  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness;

  • Enhancing the participation of private sector;

  • Increasing transparency, and accountability, and;

  • Lowering costs. 

On 7th – 9th April 2021, we plan to bring all ICT stakeholders together for a first ever National ICT Summit and Expo. We want to discuss how we can harness the holistic use of ICT. Our objectives are as follows:

1. Bring together all ICT stakeholders to share information and learn from each other in order to encourage collaboration and partnership;

2. Take stock of the current technological advances, developments, trends and practices in the ICT sector to guide the formulation of an overarching National ICT Policy, consistent with other development initiatives as identified in the ICT Roadmap 2018, PNG Digital Transformation Policy 2020, Medium Term Development Strategy 2018-2022 , Long Term Development Plan 2010 – 2030, Millennium Development Goals and Vision 2050 ;

3. Obtain guidance towards identifying policy gaps across sectors, redesign and formulate relevant policies and legislation to support digital transformation; and

4. Provide an opportunity for stakeholder feedback and inputs.

The overarching goal is to rebuild our economy by facilitating a holistic approach to the use of ICT across all sectors and industries.

The theme proposed as follows: ‘Rebuilding our economy through ICT and digital transformation