Our Structure

Executive Services

The office of the Secretary provides the overall leadership in the pursuit of the implementation of the Ministry and the Department’s   through appropriate strategic ICT policy, planning and advisory services to the Government through the Minister.

The Executive services provide advice to government on opportunities to accelerate and coordinate digital transformation across government, as well as advice on emerging trends and risks.

The office is also responsible for the execution of certain legislative functions in the areas of the Internal Audits, provision of legal advisory services to the ministry, implementation of the GESI policy, planning and advisory services to the Ministerial ICT Committee.

Policy and Planning

The primary function of the division is to ensure that appropriate ICT policy frameworks including the e- Government roadmap are developed and presented to the Government. The division is also responsible to undertake in-depth research on ICT related matters to assist in the formulation of legislations and strategies that would support the development of the digital economy.

Information and Open Government

The division is responsible for the dissemination of development information to Government, Business and the citizens of the country through various communication channels. The other related function is to ensure that major government sponsored international forums; events receive maximum publicity, and at the same time, promote PNG’s profile internationally.

The division also promotes Open Government to the other departments and agencies and is committed to ensuring that all citizens fully participate at all levels of socio- economic programs and activities.

Digital Delivery

The division is responsible for developing a whole-of-government Digital Transformation Strategy to ensure that digital services are simple, clear and efficient. It will work with government agencies to ensure protection of privacy and security of people and business interacting with the Government.

The Division will also be delivering an e-government roadmap that sets out a plan and describes the benefits associated with the Digital Transformation Strategy.


The division is responsible for the provision of corporate services support to the department in ensuring the effective management of its financial resources, general administration of the department, and most importantly, the Human Resource and its internal IT systems.