Email Guidelines

Electronic Mail (E-Mail) policy guidelines:

Following broad policy guidelines on email will be considered for the provision of email services within a Government Organization.

  • Head of a Government Organization will retain the Administrative Control of the network established in his/her domain.
  • Controlling Authority will decide as to which employee of his / her organizations should be provided with email addresses.
  • Organizations not connected on using the domain may register their domain names with the help of IGIS Team through ITB and get the web based email services for its employees.
  • Email addresses of all users within a Government Organization will be notified by each Government Organization and published in the telephone directory issued by that Organisation.
  • An email content guideline in line with network diagrams of Annex-C may be provided to users to prevent improper usage of email facility.
  • Necessary software for the purpose of email and Internet filtering should be in place. This will enable Network/System administrator(s) to reduce the SPAM traffic on their network(s) and will restrict the users to access any offensive material through Internet.
  • Email can be used for exchange of draft documents, exchange of general information, scheduling of internal office meetings, comments/draft minutes of meetings, circulation of office messages, other drafts etc within Government offices.
  • To serve as legal documents, all emails must be maintained on the mail server for legal/audit/documentary purposes. Users will download personal copies of the emails on their desktop computers and will retain local hard copies as per procedures in vogue for record. However, the mail on the server shall be archived for a period of 180 days.
  • Digital signatures/Digital Certificates (when issued) must be used for authentication purposes in emails. Supporting Server and email client software should be installed to make use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as and when instituted.
  • Government officials will not use public domain email addresses (yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc.) for official correspondence. Government organization, where centralized Email systems are not provided, can use web based email services provided by IGIS*net.