DICT Officers took part in the Sleeves up vaccination campaign at VC

A few staff of the Department of Information and Communications Technology received their first dose of  the Astra Zeneca   vaccine today (Saturday  24  July 2021), during the Sleeves up  Campaign  organised by the National Control Centre, at the Amphitheatre Vision City Mega Mall in Port Moresby.

Amongst them were few media personnel and public in general bringing the total vaccination of the day up to over 200 within six hours from 8am to 2pm. Advisor Digital Delivery Mr Jack Tomon said it is by choice and his decision both personal and professional.
Mr Tomon said the reason why he chose to be vaccinated is to lead by great example as a C19 educated and informed citizen and government employee, to dispel many speculative, baseless, confusing and unqualified rumors on social media platforms creating much confusion in our families, loved ones and colleagues. He said this is to improve his resistant against C19 as his profession gets him to move around a lot and being exposed to a lot of people.

He openly shared with his colleagues, Mr Robertson Asari, Ms Georgina Kiele and Ms Michelle Jerewai who were also there to receive their first dose ,that it is important to be vaccinated, “ as many of us are exposed to our families and loved ones who are vulnerable,  meaning children and those who have medical conditions, those under the age of 18 who are  not eligible, and those who choose not to be vaccinated due to their own reasons.”

“Therefore, to protect others around us it is very important to be vaccinated,’ said Mr Tomon. The vaccine drive was initiated by the National Control Centre in the ongoing fight to make the city safer and stronger against COVID-19.