Our Plan

Our Plan contains 12 Key Result Areas, which were identified from the ICT Road Map adopted by the Government in 2018. For the economy to migrate to the digital space, issues relating to digital infrastructure, digital government, digital skills, digital business environment and digital safety must be fully addressed and dealt with immediately.

Leading the charge under the Corporate Plan is the immediate priority to put in place a digital Government transformation policy and legislative framework, which would set the direction of how the whole of Government system would transit to a unified digital platform to delivery services across sectors of the economy.

Through the Digital Government Policy, it would necessitate experience of a digital public service, facilitate trusted digital authentication and verification process, and most importantly, provide to customers and users simplified, clear, and fast digital services.

As a developing economy, PNG is facing challenges on various fronts and more specifically, in the ICT sector, the need to formulate pragmatic policy in areas such as cross media, infrastructure sharing, standards on ICT data and statistics and the list goes on and on. As a Department, we have identified these policy and legislative gaps and intend to address them in order to govern and facilitate conducive environment whereby organizations both in the public and private sector can participate meaningfully in the digital economy.

The digital transformation agenda will put people first by fostering excellence, empowering the workforce, ensures that people are enabled to resolve their own problems, and most importantly, reduce the bureaucratic red tape which has been a hindrance to development.

The task before hand will be a challenging one for the Department, and it would require the support of other Government Departments and Agencies. In that context the Department will need the support of the Department of Personnel Management to allow us to add additional manpower to implement the Plan.