Connectivity in PNG

Posted on December 10, 2020December 10, 2020Categories Policy

  The Internet speeds continued to get faster while prices dropped dramatically and more and more peopleincorporated digital into the way they lived, learned, worked and played. The emergence of the web in 1993 was a combination of existing telephone networks, personal computers andthe web browser to make information accessible. At that time, there was a small amount of information online, it was slow and expensive to access. As time passed, more and more information became available online.Government and universities … Continue reading “Connectivity in PNG”

Mobile Phone Facts in PNG

Posted on December 10, 2020December 10, 2020Categories Policy

Estimation of 90% Internet usage in Papua New Guinea is via mobile devices. Assuch, any digital initiative undertaken by business or government should be viewed through a “mobile first”lens. While data relating to subscriber numbers varies, there has been a rapid adoption of mobile phones inPapua New Guinea. Not all mobile subscribers access the Internet however as more affordable smartphonesand tablets come into the market, and with data prices expected to fall, we expect to see a strong increasein mobile … Continue reading “Mobile Phone Facts in PNG”

PNG’s Social Media Statistics

Posted on December 10, 2020January 11, 2021Categories Policy

It is quite common to hear that to many people in Papua New Guinea, Facebook is the Internet.This makes sense as accessibility to the Internet, driven by the roll out of Digicel’s mobile network started in2007, around the same time as social networks really started to gain traction globally. People in Papua NewGuinea use Social Networks to keep in touch with family and friends, share signifi cant moments, organiseevents, discuss issues relevant to their community, report suspicious or concerning activities … Continue reading “PNG’s Social Media Statistics”