Bougainville needs a robust communication system

Tuesday 16 February 2021

The new   regional member -elect for Bougainville Provincial, Peter Tsiamalili jr. has highlighted  communications as the  key and an important mechanism that captures data, adding,   there is need for data to maximize service  delivery  on Bougainville.

In  an interview  with  the press during the return of writs   for the Bougainville provincial seat by-election at  Government House today, Mr Tsiamalili Jr . says data dictates, helps with   research,   identifies one’s  flaws and is able to  prevent and provide integrity in the way public money is spent.

Mr Tsiamalili Jr said there was a  great need for reliable communication  network  on the ground in Bougainville. “Though the network coverage does not cover the whole of Bougainville and technology has not been of benefit to most people, I  have  realized the power of technology and what it can do to influence the way Bougainville is going to progress and to be on par with the rest of the world.”

One of his immediate tasks is to be aggressive in making sure his people in Bougainville have accessibility to the network. He added that technology has made it easier for the people to communicate directly with their leaders using social media platforms.

“There are a lot of critics leaders will face, however it is a part and parcel of taking this responsibility. Critics are good because it only sharpens what you do,” said Mr Tsiamalili Jr.

“ICT is transformational and I have been observing what the Minister for ICT Hon. Timothy Masiu and the Secretary Mr Steven Matainaho are doing in the ICT Sector and I am looking forward to meeting with them to discuss what we can do to improve communication and technology in Bougainville.

“I am very thankful to all who have trusted me by casting their votes and I am thankful that with technology I can be able to communicate and to engage with my people on a daily basis.”

 Mr Tsiamalili jr. said there  was  currently  a fibre optic cable in the central region in Arawa and a plan is needed to capitalize it. “I am already talking to the ICT Service providers, development partners and few government departments regarding plans moving forward for Bougainville.”