About the Department

Our Vision for Papua New Guinea is to be able ‘to harness the potential of ICT to make PNG become a smart networked and knowledgeable society by bringing government closer to the people through effective governance, improved service delivery and socio-economic growth’.

We aspire to achieve our Vision by ‘providing people in the government with the tools, methods, practices, and policy guidance they need to deliver effective and accessible digital services to ensure the use of appropriate and affordable digital technologies through a transformative and inclusive approach across sectors of the economy for benefit of all‘.

Our vision digital transformation that makes governance for effective, improves service delivery, and fosters inclusive social economic development because of smart, networked and well informed society, that;

  • Promotes collaboration, interaction and participation
  • Promote Innovation and Learning
  • Provide an open and transparent government, and;
  • Provide citizen-centered knowledge -based industries.

We are committed to improving people’s experience of government services by putting people first, improving skills both within government and outside government to deliver these services.

  • Customer Focused
  • Innovation and Change
  • Standards
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Listening
  • Professionalism
  • Employees
  • Honesty
Our Core Mandates are summarised as follows:
  • To provide leadership in the development of appropriate and timely Communication and information policy advice to the Minister;
  • To provide technical and advisory support services to the Ministerial Committee on ICT;
  • To provide advice to the Minister on the operations of State entities under the Ministerial responsibilities;
  • To provide leadership and advisory services in the digital transformation;
  • To promote e-Government across the Public Sector;
  • To foster and maintain bilateral and multilateral partnership with stakeholders;
  • To provide leadership in fostering partnerships between Government, Business, Academia, and Consumers to participate in the Digital Economy;
  • To coordinate awareness and manage dissemination of government development information to our citizens, particularly those in rural areas;
  • To collaborate with NICTA in the promotion of Broadband and ICT development including the UAS and rural connectivity;
  • To collaborate with other agencies in the government, including NICTA on Internet Governance, and ICT policy and regulations;
  • To coordinate, manage and implement the e- Government Infrastructure and services previously known as the Integrated Government Information System (IGIS);
  • To formulate policies and standards for the use of ICT in the public service;
  • To promote and coordinate external development assistance to enhance communication and information services in PNG;
  • To regularly monitor and evaluate ICT policies, programs and project implementation;
  • To prudently manage budget allocation and develop human resource capacity to enhance performance in the Department.